Bailey is a great dog with lots of drive and desire to retrieve. Shes had a natural retrieve to hand from day one. Shes been very trainable. When shes not in the field shes the best family dog and very loyal. Shes clear on EIC and CNM


Annie is a beautiful fox red lab. Shes got a great personality and throws awesome puppies. She loves to go change water and hang out on the farm. Shes very personable. Shes a carrier on EIC and clear CNM


Ruby is another awesome fox red. She loves to retrieve, retrieve, and retrieve. Shes a great dog and loves people. We are excited to see what things she will accomplish. She is clear CNM and a carrier EIC


Our boy Red as more desire to retrieve than any lab we have ever had. He is on the smaller side but with such great desire he has no problem retrieving geese or whatever you send him after. Full of speed and agility. He will produce yellow and black pups. He is clear on CNM and EIC.